Students - Study in New Zealand

  • Our Company offers students wishing to study in NZ advice - FREE OF CHARGE - about how to get the best education in NZ from Primary, Intermediate and top Secondary Schools to Universities and Polytechnic institutes.
  • We identify your individual learning needs and put you in contact with the best education NZ can offer.
  • We assist with student job search.
  • PRIMARY SCHOOLS - Year 1 (5 year olds) to year 6 (11 year olds)

  • INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS - Year 7 (11 year olds) to year 8 ( 13 year olds). Intermediate Schools are often combined with Secondary Schools.

  • SECONDARY SCHOOLS – Year 9 (13 year olds) to Year 13 (17-18 year olds) offer a wide curriculum choice. High standard of mathematics, sciences, language and social studies with top quality school resources. We recommend the top secondary schools so that students can select their preferred combination of subjects according to their needs, interests and career ambitions.
  • The school year has 4 terms for 10 weeks beginning at the end of January with a 2 week holiday between each term. The school year finishes in December.
  • The New Zealand qualification, NCEA, includes a focus on high achievement which ensures that students reach their highest academic potential, opening doors to universities of their choice in both NZ and the rest of the world.
  • The NZ qualification, NCEA, has worldwide recognition.
  • Year 11 (15-16 year olds) sit Level 1
  • Year 12 (16-17 year olds) sit Level 2
  • Year 13 (17-18) year olds) sit Level 3, University Entrance and Scholarship.
  • Level 3 is broadly comparable to British GCE Adv, U.S. High School Diploma and Australian Higher School Certificate
  • We only recommend schools that offer :-
  • A safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Orientation programs which provide new students with essential information and help them make friends and settle into the school and community.
  • Homestay facilities that are approved and that the school monitors and liaises with the homestay hosts and students throughout the year.
  • Families live close to the school, provide full board and a caring and safe environment for students
  • Airport transfer on arrival is always provided
    1. FEES
    2. Approximate fees are:
    3. • $NZ 14,000 per annum study fees
    4. • $NZ 10,000 homestay – includes meals
    5. • $NZ 1,000 uniform and books

    Registration / admin fees, school trips, airfares and insurance are additional. Students do not have to attend a full year and can study short term. The fees are paid per term. Students get the opportunity to regularly travel into the “great outdoors” with approved tour operators.

  • more information and FAQ's here
  • There are 8 Government funded universities providing undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. There are a broad range of degree subjects offered.
  • The quality of a NZ university education is well recognised internationally. Many NZ graduates have gone on to achieve international recognition in their field.
  • Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology - They offer a wide variety of programs which can be both academically and vocationally focused.
  • In particular nursing and engineering which will lead to employment opportunities.
  • Private Tertiary and Training Establishments - They offer a range of programs including professional certificates, diplomas and degrees in a diverse range of subjects including hospitality industry, computer studies, TV and Filming, 3D animation, secretarial and business.
  • English Language Training - Private English language schools offer a variety of courses to meet student needs - some even offer outdoor activities with ESOL lessons - short term or long term. As little as 6 months in a NZ English language school can get your IELTS level suitable for employment in NZ. - Contact us for information - Some training establishments offer our company discounts, deals and internships for students.
    1. Fees
    2. Most courses are between:
    3. • $NZ12,000 - $NZ20,000 per annum
    4. • $NZ10,000 for accommodation and food
    5. • $NZ 6,000 for other expenses
  • Let us know what you are wanting to study and what you want to experience in NZ from jet boat rides, windsurfing to just fishing - - tell us about your budget - We can also help with future job placement through our skilled migrant job placement division of our company - Staff Solutions Limited