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    May 2015
    We find ourselves pleasantly surprised by the Autumn weather here in Christchurch. It is making a nice introduction to the New Zealand mainland for our new arrivals, who are settling in nicely to their new homes and work places. I hope the onset of winter is not to sudden as I am enjoying kiting in the almost subtropical waters of Pegasus bay. At last the rebuild seems to have momentum. As I say if it had been Singapore the whole city would have been moved 10Km up the road and be finished by now. Other than the short rush hour traffic jams we are finding Chch to be an easy city to get around with the buzz of the night life reminding me more of those pre earthquake evening beside the Avon. Hopefully the city centre will be an even more exciting place than it once was with the many locals, international tourist and outdoor enthusiasts dining, drinking and having a great time in this beautiful city.

    December 2014

    If you are in Singapore and wanting a welding job in New Zealand be very careful especially if you are a Bangladeshi. There is a Manpower Agent in Singapore acting illegally charging high Manpower Agent fees for welding jobs for New Zealand supply companies. When you get the visa and return to Bangladesh, a Bangladeshi working from Christchurch NZ will either meet you or contact you and demand extra fees or will threaten to cancel your visa. You might have paid more than $12000 already and be asked for another $8000. By this time you will have left your job in Singapore waiting to be called up to New Zealand when the supply company has work for you. You will find you have no alternative but to pay these extra fees. You will be told that you will earn a lot of money in New Zealand to pay back the loan. You will be told you get bonuses, accommodation is cheap and overtime is always available. He also may try to sell you a car for an overinflated price. This is not the case – In New Zealand you do not get paid bonuses like in Singapore. Accommodation is expensive, especially in Christchurch and food is not provided. In some cases supply companies only offer 30 hours a week. Tax and ACC levy is deducted from all wages. Overtime rates are not usually paid by supply companies. Medical expenses are not paid by the NZ Government if your visa is for less than 24 months unless it is an accident. You should get personal medical insurance.


    GO to a reputable Manpower Agent – a Manpower agent can only charge 4 weeks salary – so if your job offer is for 30 hours per week at $20.00 per hour then he can legally charge $2400.

    The Manpower Agent cannot legally give immigration advice.

    Do not pay upfront fees in anticipation of a job offer letter coming.

    The Manpower Agent cannot charge for a SKYPE interview.

    GO to a Licensed Immigration Adviser or Immigration Lawyer to get your visa application prepared. This means you will be advised about your contract and advised about the company who is issuing you the job. You will need to pay for Manpower Agents fees, Immigration Adviser fees and Job placement fees. You will be advised about the total fees payable for the complete service. You will never be asked for additional fees. If your visa is declined then your Immigration Adviser can help. Make sure you know where you will be working – whether it is a supply company or not.


    August 2014

    We have just returned from another enjoyable time in Christchurch - catching up with all of our workers/friends in Christchurch now is getting to be a big job - but we are so lucky they are all such good cooks!! Abhi with his superb curried shrimps - hot spicy and delicious - Any of them could be top Chefs.

    Thanks to Polrao Ketha and his family we ate curried venison for the first time - that's a treat not to miss. Great to see our first family arrive, Chinni, Supriya and Getish, and looking forward to the other families all arriving soon. Lots of celebrations going on with Ramadan - it was really welcoming and it was great to see all of the workers having such a great time together - didn't matter what nationality - Sri Lankans, Indians, Kiwis, all enjoying the celebrations. Workers are covering a vast area of Canterbury now - from Port Lyttelton out to Rolleston. Ten more workers arriving over the next weeks- Thanks to our guys for being the best welders in town - I am sure the Christchurch rebuild will be so grateful for your hard work and expertise. Not forgetting our first scaffolder arrives tomorrow. We are off to India in August to attend a wedding and catch up with a few workers - interviewing glaziers and Transport engineering fabricator welders and stainless steel fabricator welders along the way.

    Gavin finally gets his kite surfing trip to Sri Lanka and two of our boys are coming along to keep him company - last year in Goa he nearly got arrested for being a kite surfer in the no go zone on the beach - this time he can kite surf legally off the famous kite surfing beach in Sri Lanka - lovely warm water, hot sunshine and gentle breeze - looking forward to that after this cold wet stormy winter we are having

    . WARNING:

    We have had a lot of workers contact us from Singapore about jobs in Christchurch - they have heard about the workers who have been given job offers by NZ Supply/Recruitment companies believing they are getting jobs direct with engineering companies. They arrive in New Zealand to find they have not got a job prearranged and have to apply for a job after arrival. They are paying the recruitment companies offshore Agents huge fees believing they have a genuine permanent job directly with an engineering company. These workers have complained to their Agents but they won't get refunded.

    If you want a genuine secure job with one engineering company for the duration of your work visa then check the name and the address of the engineering company before you hand over any fees to Agents and before you resign from your present job. If you are happy to take a job with a supply/recruitment company then make sure you bring a lot of money with you - it may take weeks for you to get a job and then it might only be 30 hours a week. Some jobs you do get may only be casual - for a few months , then you have to apply to get another one. It is much more expensive to live in New Zealand and Christchurch is quite expensive for accommodation and food. You will struggle to send money home and pay rent and food if you are not paid or are only getting 30 hours a week work for long periods of time.

    Another thing to check: If you are a welder only, make sure you do not have fabricator welder written on your job offer letter if the supply/recruitment company cannot get you a job then they can say you have misrepresented your skills and send you back home, no questions asked by Immigration NZ.

    New stories of migrants being exploited are coming to light on a weekly basis. Make sure you don't become a victim of this because there is little Immigration New Zealand or the Labour Inspectorate can do to ensure you get paid if you haven't had a job.


  • 19 April 2014
  • What an interesting few months it has been over February, March and April.
    We have been enjoying the beautiful weather of Christchurch (despite the torrential downpour which was horrendous for all of those people affected) it has been a lovely autumn - the roses are beautiful and Christchurch hopefully won't take too much to become the beautiful garden city it once was.
    I even went to my first Ellerslie Flower show - escorted by Kolli, Mashud and Syed - had a wonderful fun day - loved the garden 'passion' - absolutely stunning. Learnt a lot about the gardens of India and Bangladesh as well.
    Ate some wonderful Bangladeshi and Indian home cooking by our guys at our “cricket in the park” get together - Almost had to umpire the cricket game between our Indian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshis all happily living in Christchurch - Great to see a cricket bat being part of the luggage from the new guys arriving!!
    In between some great kite surfing sessions - Gavin worked putting welding machines together and welded up a few piles for a few companies short staffed - Don’t think he was quite the “machine” that our Sri Lankan welder, Sanjeewa, is described as!
    We have been lucky enough to meet and greet more than 20 of our fitter/fabricator welders coming in to work in Christchurch engineering companies to show their coded welding and fabrication skills. - we have successfully set up rental properties for our guys - but all the time looking for more houses to rent. We also discovered the fantastic second hand furniture shop of Smiths City which helped enormously to furnish these houses and special thanks to Jane Brown from Harcourts arranging after hours viewings.
    All of our candidates are skill tested by qualified engineering tradesmen and processed through Licensed Immigration Advisers who adhere to a strict Code of Conduct. Employers can rest assured that they will be given correct immigration advice to ensure they meet the Immigration instructions for employers and that candidates will be skill tested accurately. We have skilled, certified fitter welders available and any companies wanting to know our process please contact us - We are not a recruitment company and do not charge the employer.
    Interviewing soon - steel fixers, steel detailers, stainless fabricator/TIG welders, site erectors and construction workers - let us know your requirement.
    Regards Sue

    An important notice - for employers wanting to recruit from Singapore
    Employers wanting to employ skilled fitter fabricator welders from Singapore - There are several unscrupulous Agents working who are taking high fees from workers. They will not show the Job Offer letter until the candidate pays a huge fee. The candidate cannot take the contract away to review unless they pay first.
    On Job Offer documents they are writing fabricator welder when the candidate is a welder. Some have produced fake documents and CVs - therefore these candidates will not get a visa but will have paid the fees upfront. These Agents do not refund - some have been doing this for some time recruiting for Canada as well. Candidates are unaware of this and believe the Agents are licensed to assist them and to prepare the Work Visa applications and they do not know what documents have been lodged.
    These Agents are NOT licensed immigration advisers therefore they cannot legally give immigration advice or assist with the Work Visa applications on behalf of candidates. As well they do not have the knowledge and skills to complete this work. They are taking huge fees telling candidates they will get welding skill tests for New Zealand companies and Job Offers will be coming.
    Unless a New Zealand employer meets Immigration New Zealand instructions as an employer then Immigration New Zealand may not approve a Work Visa.
    Applications under Essential Skills work instructions for employers are as follows:
    1. Applications under Essential Skills work instructions will not be approved unless they include an offer of employment in New Zealand which:
          1. meets the requirements set out in W2.10.10; and
          2. is for full-time employment (W2.2.10); and
          3. specifies payment for the work is by wages or salary.
    2. To apply for an approval in principle or to support a work visa application under Essential Skills work instructions, an employer must be the proposed direct employer. A direct employer is usually responsible for such things as:
          1. payment of salaries;
          2. PAYE tax instalments;
          3. conditions of employment;
          4. day-to-day supervision of the workplace and the employee.
    In order to uphold the integrity of the New Zealand Immigration system all persons giving immigration advice must be licensed unless they are exempt no matter where in the world they provide this advice.
    Immigration advice means using, or purporting to use, knowledge of or experience in immigration to advise, direct, assist, or represent another person in regard to an immigration matter relating to New Zealand, whether directly or indirectly and whether or not for gain or reward. The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 came into force to promote and protect the interests of consumers receiving immigration advice, and to enhance the reputation of New Zealand as a migration destination by providing for the regulation of persons who give immigration advice.
    A person commits an offence who employs or contracts, or continues to employ or contract, as in immigration adviser any person who is neither licensed to be an immigration adviser nor exempt from the requirement to be licensed, knowing that the person is neither licensed nor exempt.
    A licensed immigration adviser must be honest, professional, diligent and respectful and conduct themselves with due care and in a timely manner. They must adhere to the LIA Code of Conduct 2014 at all times.
    Any employers wanting further information about employing skilled migrants please contact us.

  • 31 January 2013
  • Sue and myself have recently visited Christchurch to get a first hand glimpse of the extent of damage along with the rebuild progress. Staff Solutions has already placed skilled workers into the engineering sector in Christchurch to meet the skill shortage in structural steel fabrication and erection. With such alot of structural steel required to cover such a vast area to be rebuilt - its certainly overwhelming but employers are enthusiastic to get started.
    The media coverage of these disasters did not prepare us for the scale of damage and subsquent amount of work that is required to restore the city. I took the opportunity to visit engineerng workshops to see exactly the staffing requirements of employers and it seems , very sure, that our skilled migrants will be required for a long time to come.
    We are looking forward to growing our active roll in the process of rebuilding and strengthening our relationships with employers we are working with and those employers who will require staff in the future. To provide a thorough service to employers Staff Solutions will be providing a full time presence in Christchurch soon.

    Cheers Gavin